Casino Hosts In Las Vegas

How To Get Casino Host Vegas

Comprehensive Guide To Casino Hosts

A casino host is a business development role within the casinos who is tasked with acting as a concierge, primary contact and problem solver for high value players. First and foremost, a casino host is responsible for increasing the revenue from their hosted players (a.k.a. players losing at the casino) and in many cases this is how they are compensated – so never forget – the host is not your friend.

That being said, there are a ton of benefits that can be had from having a casino host from comped rooms to organizing dinners, custom experiences and really the sky is the limit depending on how much you’re willing to gamble. Perhaps the main reason that players are interested in getting a host has to do with comps – the free incentives casinos give out to get people to play and keep them playing.

While you can get comps without a host using player loyalty programs like mLife, Total Rewards, Wynn Rewards, Club Grazie and so on, if you want anything above the automated comps or special treatment (like hard to get reservations or show tickets) you’re going to need some human intervention and that’s where a host comes into play.

In this article we’ll take a look at how to get a casino host, what to ask them, how to qualify for a host and many more questions.

How To Get A Casino Host In Las Vegas

The honest truth is most of the time casino hosts will find you if you’re playing enough to warrant one, however there are exceptions (like myself) that prefer to just use online bookable offers (more on that later).

Generally how it works is that at some point you’ll show up on the marketing systems as a valuable un-hosted player. At this point, whichever host notices will likely try to find you and make an introduction offering their services for your next visit.

The reason they are doing this is that they want you to become “coded” to them for the next trip and subsequent ones, which essentially means any revenues you generate (casino losses) will count towards their performance (and likely an annual bonus). Remember at the beginning when we said hosts aren’t your friend – it’s important to know because almost all corporate hosts get bonuses based on your losses – and that’s ok. You just need to be aware that it’s a transactional relationship (you play, they give you the comps that you are entitled too – hopefully) and that’s it.

There are a few additional ways you can get a host that I’ve covered below, but unless you are a big player and have somehow fallen through the cracks it’s very likely they’ll reach out to you. Other ways to get a host include:

  1. Ask at the casino’s loyalty program desk

Most casinos have loyalty programs that reward frequent and high-stakes players with various perks and benefits. One of these benefits may be access to a casino host. If you’re a member of a casino’s loyalty program, you can inquire at the loyalty program desk about whether you qualify for a casino host.

  1. Speak to a casino’s player development team

Many casinos have a player development team that’s responsible for building and maintaining relationships with high rollers and VIP guests. If you’re a frequent player or plan on spending a significant amount of money at a particular casino, you can reach out to the player development team to inquire about getting a casino host.

  1. Contact a third-party service

There are also third-party services that can help you get a casino host in Las Vegas. These services typically work with multiple casinos and can match you with a casino host based on your preferences and needs. However, keep in mind that these services may charge a fee for their assistance and it’s almost always better to go direct to the property you want to be hosted at.

  1. Book a high-end package

Some casinos offer high-end packages that come with a casino host. These packages may include a suite or villa, transportation, and other perks, in addition to the services of a casino host. If you’re interested in a luxury experience at the casino, booking one of these packages may be the way to go, however it’s generally just for that trip and not an ongoing hosted situation.

Requirements For A Casino Host By Hotel

First off let me say this is highly subjective and is based on the marketing, accounting and executive teams of each property – so this is just my opinion based on personal experience and some research. The amount needed for a host and special comps can vary wildly depending on the level of hotel but here is a general guideline for some of the major properties:

Property Slots ($Coin-In/Day) Tables ($Avg. Bet/4 Hrs.)
Aria $10,000 $250
Bellagio $15,000 $250
Cosmopolitan $15,000 $250
Planet Hollywood $5,000 $150
Venetian/Palazzo $20,000 $300
Wynn/Encore $30,000 $500
Resorts World $20,000 $250
Circa Hotel $10,000 $100
NY NY $5,000 $75
MGM Grand $10,000 $200
Mandalay Bay $10,000 $200
Excalibur $2,500 $75
Treasure Island $2,500 $100

It’s important to note that “Coin-In” doesn’t mean you have to lose that much money, it just refers to overall cash wagered through the machine, so while it seems like a high amount you don’t lose on every spin. The general rule of thumb for slots is that the machine will hold (profit) anywhere from 5-10% of the wagers conducted on that machine. So in our table above someone at Aria doing $10,000 coin-in per day would in theory lose between $500-$1000 playing slots at the property.

What Can A Host Do For You?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of some of the things a casino host can do for or with you during your stay:

  1. Arrange limo (or Rolls Royce) transportation to/from the aiport
  2. Greet you on arrival with room keys (check-in completed beforehand)
  3. Arrange all trip reservations in advance (restaurants, shows, experiences)
  4. Deal with other departments on your behalf (accounting, casino cage, marketing, executives)
  5. Keep you company if you are travelling solo (attend dinners and shows with you)
  6. Review play and issue comps at the end of your trip
  7. Keep you informed of promotions, tournaments and VIP events
  8. Resolve any complaints or issues that arise during a stay

What Does A Host Expect? Is It Worth It?

As with everything in life nothing is free and casino hosts really only expect one thing – you gamble. Their whole role is predicated around bringing revenue into the casino so a happy host is one who’s players hit the casino floor regularly.

Because of this, there is somewhat of an unspoken pressure to play, particularly when the host has gone above and beyond organizing a special suite, dinner, event or otherwise.

For this reason, personally I prefer to book what’s referred to as “corporate offers” that are done entirely online without the involvement of a host.

For me, I don’t like the idea of having additional pressure to play and would rather know my comps up front and do what I felt comfortable with on the trip.

That being said, I do see a lot of value in getting a casino host if you have a larger budget (pressure to play not a factor) and truly don’t want to worry about a thing during your trip.

In Summary – Casino Host FAQ

  1. Q: What is a casino host?
    A: A casino host is a professional employed by a casino to ensure that guests have an enjoyable experience, by providing personalized service, facilitating special requests, and offering comps or other perks to make their stay more enjoyable.
  2. Q: What are the primary responsibilities of a casino host?
    A: The primary responsibilities of a casino host include building relationships with players, assisting guests with reservations, offering comps, organizing events, and addressing any concerns or problems that may arise during a guest’s visit.
  3. Q: How do casino hosts identify high rollers and VIP guests?
    A: Casino hosts identify high rollers and VIP guests by monitoring player activity, reviewing player profiles, and using the casino’s player tracking system. They pay particular attention to players who frequently visit, spend large sums of money, or exhibit a high level of skill at casino games.
  4. Q: What types of comps and perks can a casino host offer?
    A: Casino hosts can offer a variety of comps and perks, including free meals, hotel rooms, show tickets, transportation, and exclusive invitations to special events. The specific comps offered will vary depending on the player’s level of play and the casino’s policies.
  5. Q: What are front end comps?
    A: Front end comps are when you receive an offer up front from the casino based on previous trips. For example, they may offer you 3 free nights in a basic room and $100 towards the properties amenities. In this example, you know exactly what you are getting before going so it’s referred to as a front-end comp.
  6. Q: What are back end comps?
    A: Back end comps refer to items that a casino host removes from your bill at the end of your trip based on your play. These are additional complimentary items above what you were offered up-front and are given when your entitled to more comps based on your play than you were offered initially. It’s important to note you generally need to ask for back end comps and they aren’t given without a request in most cases.
  7. Q: How do I become eligible for a casino host?
    A: To become eligible for a casino host, you should join the casino’s loyalty program, which tracks your play and spending. Regularly visiting the casino, playing games, and spending money on non-gaming amenities can increase your chances of being assigned a casino host.
  8. Q: Is there a cost associated with having a casino host?
    A: No, there is no cost associated with having a casino host. Their services are complimentary, as they are employed by the casino to provide an enhanced experience for guests.
  9. Q: Can I request a specific casino host?
    A: Yes, you can request a specific casino host, but availability will depend on the host’s schedule and existing client commitments. It’s best to inquire with the casino’s guest services to see if your preferred host is available.
  10. Q: How do I contact a casino host?
    A: You can contact a casino host by visiting the casino’s guest services or VIP desk, or by asking a staff member to connect you with a host. Some casinos also provide contact information for their hosts on their websites.
  11. Q: Do casino hosts receive tips or gratuities?
    A: While it is not required to tip a casino host, it is considered a kind gesture to show your appreciation for their assistance. Tips can be given in the form of cash or casino chips, but the amount and frequency are entirely up to the guest.
  12. Q: What qualifications do casino hosts typically have?
    A: Casino hosts typically have a background in hospitality, customer service, or casino operations. They possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, as well as a thorough understanding of casino games and promotions. Some casino hosts may also have a degree in hospitality management or a related field.